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Yingchuang is a high-tech enterprise who is engaged in the research and development of the new materials for construction. It currently owns more 
  • is 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long in less than 24 hours. The parts, such as frame, wall were printed separately.Such a new type of 3D-printed structure is environment-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Chinese name is called 特殊玻璃纤维增强石膏板。It is a precast and new type of decoration material made from top quality improved natural gypsum as base material
  • artificial stone material that can replace traditional stone in construction decoration. It is made from nature material and can be recycled.
  • mainly used for exterior wall special shape decoration, was developed for architectural individuality, to meet the construction customization need.
  • By using frontier numerical control tehcnology, Yingchuang make art furniture customization easy, and help customer creat exclusive character space, let a space line continuation in furniture, like nature itself.
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