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  • Jian-Guo Liang, association of Chinese interior decoration display art professional committee, deputy director of Jimei group chief executive, creative director;Jimei group of architectural design Co , LTD , chairman of Beijing, alwaysMORE>>
  • Ma, first won oreign landmarks Born in Beijing in 1975, graduated from Yale University (USA), masters and architectureMORE>>
  • Zaha Hadid, born in Baghdad in 1950, studied mathematics, in Lebanon in 1972 into the Architectural League college London AA study architecture, graduated in 1977 with London building alliance (AA, Architectural AssociatiMORE>>
  • Isozaki New, was born in 1931, Graduated from the university of Tokyo in Japan in 1954 our company building professional, in 1961 to complete the PhD program at the university of Tokyo architectureMORE>>
  • Alan Boni, painter, building a stylist Born in 1956 in Paris , In 1979 in Greece: contemporary the most famous painter Yannis Tsaroukis s advice, Alan boni was admitted to the Brussels advanced academy of fine arts learning painting,MORE>>
  • Paul Andreu, was born in 1938 in Canderan, near Bordeaux City in France, and graduated fromEcole Polytechnique -High Engineering School in 1961, French Bridge ColleagueMORE>>
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