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SRC, Special Reinforced Concretemainly used for exterior wall special shape decoration, was developed for architectural individuality, to meet the construction customization need. By combining the world forefront technology of digital control, Yingchuang has enabled the building design to have more various structures and not to be restricted by the material.  As the construction fundamental material, it gives architects the possibility to build their most imaginative design future constructions.. It can be combined with  glass, shells and other materials by presenting a rich and colorful texture.

Color references:


1.      Rich, raw material resources and no damage to the environment

2.      Low carbon and green

3.      High strength, high durability

4.      Large free size

5.      Light and top thin

6.      Fast installation, safety



CNC Automation Technology

Overall Mould Technology-patented

3D printing Technology



Yingchuang has strong design team and standard installation atlas, can design installation according to the projects specific requirements.


Hidden Connection System

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